How to buy 3-piece ball valve

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How to buy 3-piece ball valve ?

A ball valve is a fitting that is used to control the flow of fluids or liquids. It uses a pivoting ball to control this flow efficiently. However, a ball valve isn’t just able to control the flow of fluids. In fact, it has more features than that.

One of the best ball valves for industries having a rather high demand in terms of sanitation and frequency of use is the 3 piece ball valve. These ball valves consist of two end caps and a body. When you choose to buy 3-piece ball valves, there are a few factors that you should consider. Those factors are mentioned below.

1. The Strong End Connections

It is quite important for the 3-piece ball valves to be sanitary and hygienic and to provide a safe connection to pipes and hoses. SS ball valves can do that and form secure and strong connections. So, it is important for you to buy 3 piece ball valves that come with these features to form secure and hygienic connections.

2. The Ease Of Use

Three piece ball valves are widely used in the food and beverage industry due to their ease of cleaning in situ. It means that these valves can be easily cleaned and thus used to connect and disconnect hoses, pipes, and tubing quite easily without any special tools.  They should also have locking handle devices that are easy to use. It is also important for the stem that is holding the handle to be blow-out proof.

3. The Reliability

You wouldn’t want costly downtime in your facility just because something broke down or was being repaired. Hence, you should buy 3-piece ball valves from a dealer or manufacturer who has a reputation for selling reliable ball valves. This is  important to ensure accuracy and the desired performance of the valve. Typically, a stainless steel ball valve can handle a high pressure up to 1000 PSI and a temperature of 356 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. The Installation And Maintenance

There are a few ball valves that are quite difficult to handle and install due to their dimensions, poor materials, and other reasons. You should therefor use a high-quality 3-piece ball valve that can be stripped down to its components quickly and easily. This way, each component of the ball valve can be cleaned separately before assembling it back into one unit. This feature also makes these ball valves quite easy to install and maintain.


These are the four major factors that you should consider while buying 3-piece ball valves for your industrial processes or  brewing project. Follow them wisely to make the correct  selection.

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