What are the differences between L-type and T-type three-way ball valve?

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Three way ball valve is a new type of three-way switching regulating valve developed by combining advanced technology at home and abroad. The three-way ball valve is divided into L-ball valve and T-type ball valve because of the different valve core. When we all use tee ball valve, we know what are the differences between the L-type and T-type of three-way ball valve?


T-type and L-type shape are not different, but the valve core inside the valve body has different structure. T-type can make three orthogonal pipelines connect and block the third channel, and play the role of diversion and confluence. L-type can only connect two pipes with orthogonal shape, and can not keep the third pipe connected at the same time, only plays the role of distribution.


In terms of technology, T-ball valve can replace L-ball valve. L-type pneumatic tee valve is used for medium flow direction switching, which can connect two channels perpendicular to each other. T-type pneumatic tee valve can not only realize the medium flow direction switching, but also make the three channels connected with each other, at the same time, it can also close any channel, make the other two channels connected, and flexibly control the flow or diversion of the medium in the pipeline


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