The importance of casting accessories quality to products

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Cangzhou Cencho is mainly engaged in precision casting stainless steel, precision casting hardware, casting accessories, Yantai precision casting, Qingdao precision casting and other products, The company adopts advanced silica sol process to provide customers with one-stop service from product demonstration, design, mold development, process finalization and product processing. Next, Ruifeng precision casting factory will introduce the importance of casting accessories quality to products.

In addition to machining accuracy, the surface quality of casting parts is also an extremely important aspect. The so-called surface quality of casting parts refers to the surface layer state of machine parts after processing.

A machine in the normal use process, due to the gradual deterioration of the working performance of its parts, so that can not continue to use, sometimes even sudden damage. The reasons are mainly due to wear, corrosion or fatigue damage caused by external media, except a few of which are insufficient strength due to improper design or overload caused by accidental accidents.

Wear, corrosion, or fatigue damage occurs on the surface of the part, or from the surface of the casting parts. Therefore, the quality of machined surface will directly affect the working performance of parts, especially its reliability and life.

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