Several common small problems in precision and dense casting

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We may often encounter some problems when we are doing precision casting processing, and people who are new to this industry may be at a loss. Dingjia technicians summarized the solutions to several common small problems:

  一: Hammer card

  Solutions: 1. In production, measure the temperature frequently to avoid overheating of the hammer head and cylinder; 2. Use high-quality alloy materials without impurities to prevent impurities from sticking to the hammer head.

   2: The injection head stuck in the gooseneck

  Solution: When the equipment is at room temperature, try to rotate the hammer head. If it cannot rotate, change the barrel and take out the hammer head. If you want to quickly solve the stuck problem, the best thing is to change the pot.

  3: When hitting dozens of molds, it won’t be able to hit. You have to wait for a few minutes to continue hitting

Solution: Check whether there are bright spots at the top of the blanking head. If all sections are gray, it means that the nozzle is blocked. The temperature of the nozzle can be increased moderately, and the time of leaving the nozzle is reduced by 0.1 to 0.2 seconds. The fixed mold cooling water is slightly Turn it down.

  4: Easy to crack when die-casting thin-walled products

Solution: If this problem occurs, it may be due to material problems or poor mold setting or improper selection of process parameters. Try to control the proportion of waste not to exceed 30%. The mold retention time should not be too long. The wall thickness of each mm is about 3s, and the ejection is extended. The time can not be long, generally 0.5-2s.

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