Solution to the problem of pitting on the surface of hardware

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How to prevent the defect of pitting on the surface of precision casting hardware?

   1. In this case, if you want to achieve the above purpose, then there are some preventive measures. The specific ones are:

  Measure 1: The quality of the materials used should be guaranteed, at least the quality qualified materials should be used. Moreover, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the process specifications and operating requirements, and there must be no wrong operations, so as not to affect the quality of the castings.

Measure 2: For the selection of some additives or additives, it is necessary to ensure a good use effect, and at the same time, to avoid various problems. Therefore, the dosage and use must be strictly controlled. The slightest deviation.

   2. For precision castings, is there any difference between the casting method and traditional casting methods? In addition, what are the basic requirements for this type of casting?

   For precision casting, the casting method is precision casting hardware. Therefore, there are some differences between it and the traditional casting method. Therefore, the two are different. For this type of casting, the basic requirement is to clean and clean the surface of the casting without any defects, such as sticky sand, oxide scale, flash, and cast tumors.

  3. If there is bulging or molten iron in precision castings, is the specific cause related to the casting itself?

For precision castings, if there is bulging or molten iron, the specific reason is that the casting itself is included. It may be due to the insufficient strength of the mold shell or the binder used. problem. So, on this question, the answer is yes.

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