What are the cleaning steps for stainless steel valves?

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Cleaning procedure of stainless steel valve: the parts of the valve must be processed by the following process before assembly:
1. According to the processing requirements, some parts need to be polished, and the surface shall not have machining burr;
2. Degrease all parts;
3. After degreasing, the cleaning agent is pickling and passivated, and the cleaning agent does not contain phosphorus;
4. After pickling and passivation, clean with purified water, no reagent residue, and carbon steel parts shall be omitted from this step;
5. Parts shall be dried with non-woven cloth one by one, and the surface of parts such as wired wool shall not be retained, or the clean nitrogen shall be used for drying;
6. Wipe parts and components with non-woven cloth or precision filter paper stained with pure alcohol until there is no dirty color.

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