Low temperature valve and ordinary normal temperature valve difference and selection

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  Low temperature valve is to be able to work in cryogenic low temperature working conditions of the valve, the demarcation of its working temperature, usually the working temperature below -40℃ valve is called low temperature valve, mainly used for gas liquefaction, separation, transportation and storage equipment, the use of temperature up to -270℃ below, There are gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and throttle valve type.

  In recent years, the use of ultra-low temperature valve more and more widely , oil chemical industry, air separation, gas industry one of the indispensable important equipment, such as the working medium temperature is low, not only the most or toxic, or flammable and explosive, and permeability is strong, therefore decided to call me in the material and design many special requirements, not only requires work in can set the temperature purlin, At the same time, it is necessary to verify the working performance at ambient temperature.


  Cryogenic valve valve compared with hall temperature valve, cryogenic valve packing area is higher, and USES the extension stem, its purpose is to reduce the heat of the incoming device: the packing box parts above 0 ℃, the temperature of the material includes processing works: prevent by functional part includes processing of supercooling and make in the valve stem of the stuffing box parts as well as the zero of the upper cover frost or freeze.


 Long neck cover design is mainly the design of the neck length L, refers to the stuffing box at the bottom of the distance from the surface to the seal seat, it and material coefficient of thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity coefficient of heat transfer area and surface, heat dissipation area of factors, such as computation is trival, generally obtained by experimental method, temperature higher than -100 ℃ when the iron table optional stainless steel body, Temperature low dry -100℃ austenitic stainless steel, low pressure and small caliber valve can choose copper alloy or aluminum alloy, the valve body should be able to fully withstand the temperature changes caused by the expansion, contraction, and seat part of the structure will not be due to temperature changes and deformation.

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