What is the classification of valve materials?

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There are hundreds of valve materials, but only half are commonly used. The following is the classification of commonly used materials:
1.Ductile iron. Suitable for PN≤4.0MPa, temperature -30 ~ 350℃ water, steam, air and oil.
2.Carbon steel. Suitable for water, steam, air, hydrogen, ammonia, nitrogen and petroleum products with nominal pressure PN≤32.0MPa and temperature -30 ~ 425℃.
3.Malleable cast iron. Suitable for water, steam, air and oil with nominal pressure PN≤2.5mpa and temperature -30 ~ 300℃.
4.Gray cast iron. Suitable for nominal pressure PN≤1.0mpa, temperature -10℃~ 200℃ water, steam, air, gas, oil, etc.
5.Copper alloy. Suitable for PN≤ 2.5mpa water, seawater, oxygen, air, oil and other media, as well as the temperature of -40 ~ 250℃ steam medium.
6.Acid resistant high silicon ductile iron. Suitable for corrosive media with nominal pressure PN≤0.25mpa and temperature below 120℃.
7.Stainless steel acid resistant steel. Suitable for nitric acid, acetic acid and other nominal pressure PN≤6.4mpa, temperature ≤200℃ medium.
8.Low temperature steel. Suitable for ethylene, propylene, liquefied natural gas, liquid nitrogen and other media with nominal pressure PN≤6.4mpa and temperature ≥196℃.
9.High temperature copper. Suitable for steam and petroleum products with nominal pressure PN≤17.0mpa and temperature ≤570℃.

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