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Stainless steel cut-off valve with what characteristics

Date:Aug 18,2017

Stainless steel globe valve is a kind of valve, the valve body material requirements are relatively high generally 301.304.316 and several other materials are widely used in chemical, marine, pharmaceutical, food machinery and other industries. Stainless steel cut-off valve is divided into manual stainless steel globe valve , Pneumatic stainless steel globe valve, electric stainless steel globe valve.
Stainless steel cut-off valve holding point:
(1) structure than the gate valve is simple, manufacturing and maintenance are more convenient.
(2) sealing surface is not easy to wear and abrasion, sealing is good, open and close when the valve disc and the valve sealing surface between no relative sliding, and thus wear and scratches are not serious, good sealing performance, long service life.
(3) opening and closing, the valve flap stroke is small, so the valve height is smaller than the gate valve, but the length of the structure longer than the gate valve.
(4) opening and closing torque, opening and closing more laborious, opening and closing time principals.
(5) fluid resistance, because the valve body channel is more tortuous, fluid resistance, power consumption.
(6) the flow direction of the media nominal pressure PN ≤ 16MPa, the general use of downstream, the medium from the valve down the flow; nominal pressure PN ≥ 20MPa, the general use of countercurrent, medium from the valve up the flow. To increase the sealing energy. When used, the stop valve medium can only flow in one direction, can not change the direction of flow.
(7) When the valve is fully open, it is often eroded.

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