Cencho Group under Chinese environment protection

Writer:Chen leiSource:www.cenchogroup.com Date:Jan 3,2017

Cencho Group under Chinese environment protection

As everyone knows, the focus topic in china is the air pollution, fog and haze. However, the industry in this situation meet a difficult moment.

In order to meet the requirements of Chinese environment protection, Cencho Group Quan Xin Technology Valve purchase more better environment protection equipment to improve the factory environment. The factory completely meet the requirements of Chinese government. This action gets more better praise from clients all of the world. The stainless steel castings, stainless steel ball valve ect produced by Cencho Group with high standard, high quality, high sanitary make a more closer cooperation with the clients from all of the world and choosed as high quality by Alibaba and Google website.

We believe that Cencho group will meet a more better future.

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