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Classification butterfly valve

Date:Jan 3,2017

Flange butterfly valve by way of classification:

1. Clip on butterfly valve: butterfly valve on the butterfly plate installed in the pipe diameter direction. In the body of the butterfly valve in the cylindrical channel, disc shaped plate around the axis of rotation, the rotation angle of 0 degrees -90 degrees, when rotated to 90 degrees, the valve is in full open state. The butterfly valve has the advantages of simple structure, small size and light weight. Besides, the utility model has the advantages of simple operation and simple operation, and the valve can be opened and rotated at 90 DEG. Butterfly valve in the fully open position, the disc thickness is the only medium through the body resistance, so the pressure drop through the valve is very small, with good flow control characteristics.

butterfly valve

There are two types of seal seal and metal seal. Elastic sealing valve, sealing ring can be embedded in the valve body or attached to the butterfly plate.

2. Flange type butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve for vertical plate structure, stem seal integral metal seal valve for flexible graphite plate and stainless steel plate composite structure, is mounted on the valve body and disc sealing surface surfacing welding of stainless steel. Soft sealing valve sealing ring for nitrile rubber material, is installed in the butterfly board. Flange type soft sealing butterfly valve

3. Lug type butterfly valve:

4. Welding type: butterfly valve is a non sealed butterfly valve, widely used in building material, metallurgy, mining, electricity and other production process of medium temperature are less than 300 of nominal pressure for 0.1Mpa pipeline, to connect, open and close or adjust the medium quality.

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