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Fixed capacitance detection of refrigeration parts

Date:Dec 15,2016

Detection of 10pF below the small capacitance, due to the fixed capacitor capacity of 10pF is too small, with a million meter to measure, can only be qualitative check whether the leakage, internal short circuit or breakdown phenomenon. When measurements can be used multimeter R * 10K block, two pin two probes are respectively arbitrary capacitance, resistance should be infinite. If the measured resistance (pointer to the right swing) is zero, the capacitor leakage damage or internal breakdown.

To detect whether the 10PF ~ 0.01 F fixed capacitor charging phenomenon, and then to judge whether it is good or bad. R x 1K block with universal table. The beta value of two transistors are more than 100, and the penetration current to some of the 3DG6 and other models can be used to form a composite pipe. Multimeter red and black pen respectively with the composite pipe emitter and collector e c. The charging and discharging process of the measured capacitance is amplified by the amplification effect of the compound transistor, so that the range of the meter pointer is increased, so that the measurement is convenient. It should be noted that: in the test operation, especially in the measurement of smaller capacity of the capacitor, to repeat the test capacitance contact A, B two points, in order to clearly see the table pointer swing.

For the fixed capacity of more than 0.01 F, multimeter R * 10K block has no direct test of capacitor charging process and there is no internal short-circuit or leakage, and can be estimated according to the capacity of the capacitor size range of the pointer to the right swing.

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