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Temperature measurement of air conditioning and refrigeration

Date:Dec 15,2016

Refrigeration temperature involves a wide range, there is an evaporation temperature te, air temperature ts, condensing temperature Tc, exhaust temperature TD, etc.. The operating conditions of the refrigeration system are determined by the evaporation temperature te and the condensing temperature tc.

Evaporation temperature te

Temperature of boiling and gasification of liquid refrigerant in evaporator. Te can not be directly detected, only by testing the corresponding evaporation pressure to obtain the evaporation temperature.

Condensing temperature TC

The heat of the refrigerant is condensed into the liquid when the heat is released from the condenser. Condensate temperature can not be directly detected. By detecting the corresponding condensation pressure. The condensation temperature is high, the condensation pressure is relatively high, they correspond to each other. The condensing temperature is very high, the unit load is heavy, the motor is overload, and the cooling capacity of the motor is decreased, and the power consumption is increased.

Exhaust temperature TD

The exhaust temperature (including exhaust nozzle temperature, exhaust temperature detection) must have a temperature measuring device, generally not to set up a temporary measure available minicomputers, semiconductor thermometer detection, but the error is bigger. The exhaust temperature is influenced by the air intake temperature and condensation temperature, the temperature of the air breathing or the condensation temperature rises, the exhaust gas temperature rises correspondingly, so the air temperature and the condensing temperature are controlled to stabilize the temperature of the exhaust gas.

Inspiratory temperature TS

The gas temperature of the air suction connecting pipe, the temperature measurement device is needed for the detection of the air intake temperature, and the general small unit does not set up the temperature measuring device. Testing and debugging in general to hand touch estimation, air conditioning unit of the air temperature is generally required to control about ts=15. Over this value has a certain effect on the cooling effect.

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