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What is a compressor impeller

Date:Dec 10,2016

Working round. The only component of the air flow in a centrifugal compressor. The most important parts on the rotor. Generally by the wheel, wheel cover and blade and other parts of the composition. Under the action of the impeller blades, the rotating speed of the leaf rotation, the gas is affected by the centrifugal force of the rotation, as well as in the impeller of the diffuser flow, so that it can be improved through the pressure of the impeller.

Requirements for impeller

1. Can give a larger energy head;

2. The loss of gas flow through the impeller to be small, that the efficiency of the gas flow through the impeller is high;

3. The gas outflow impeller parameters fitting, the flow loss is smaller when the gas flows through the back fixing element;

4. The type of impeller can make the stable working area and the high efficiency zone of the grade or the performance curve of the whole machine. Normally divided into closed, semi open and open type impeller.

The impeller is composed of a wheel hub and a blade in a wind turbine. The wind passes through the impeller, drives the impeller to rotate, which drives the generator to rotate, and the wind energy is converted into electric energy. At this time, requirements of the rotating impeller is big enough to windward to extract enough energy from the wind; at the same time, when the wind speed is too large, should be able to automatically adjust the blade windward angle, to avoid excessive force and mechanical damage.

Impeller material

Cast iron, bronze, stainless steel, manganese bronze, Monel alloy, INCONEL, and non metal materials.

Non metallic materials

PPS plastic, phenolic resin, etc..

Phenolic resin made of the impeller at home is not, the United States has a SIMS company is a professional to do this graphite based reinforced phenolic resin fiber material SIMSITE, and has been applied to the impeller of the centrifugal pump. Phenolic resin excellent alkali resistance, extremely suitable for pumping water conditions.

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