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The effect of lost foam coating in the die casting process

Date:Nov 25,2016

EPC coating is the role of support and protection to prevent infiltration of metal foam model, sand and sand, absorption and decomposition products and make the cavity formation and decomposition of gas through the coating, maintain the integrity of the foam model after evaporation, and keep the liquid metal heat will not soon be distributed. Therefore the use of EPC coating can reduce the surface roughness of EPC casting, to ensure the accuracy of the castings, reduce or prevent the casting sand, sand holes, porosity, permeability, cold insulation, metal casting, no carbon deposition defects. So the EPC coatings should have sufficient refractoriness, certain mechanical strength, proper insulation and thermal conductivity, suitable permeability and absorption liquid decomposition products, smooth surface, and not enough brushing performance and foam model of chemical reaction etc..

Function analysis of lost foam casting coating

Casting coating can prevent the penetration and thermochemical sticky sand, formation of castings improve the stiffness of EPC foam model, prevent buried type deformation, contribute to the decomposition of gas foam pattern heat rapid discharge effect, then disappear why EPC coating brought together so many functions, we will analysis from the following six aspects.

Lost foam casting coatings with these six characteristics

1. High strength and stiffness to prevent deformation and damage to the dry sand;

2. High refractory performance to prevent the casting of the casting surface sticky sand;

3. Excellent permeability, can be quickly derived from the appearance of gasification products;

4. Strong adhesion to prevent the production process of coating cracking or even off;

5. Good coating and hanging, can be used to facilitate the use of a certain thickness of the coating;

6. Good sintering and peel off, that is, after casting, forming the coating shell which is easy to peel off automatically, so as to obtain the surface finish.

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