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Deputy impeller introduction

Date:Nov 17,2016

The so-called hydrodynamic impeller seal Deputy refers to the installation of an open impeller in the opposite direction near the back of the coaxial pump impeller hub. When the pump work, vice impeller with the pump with the rotating spindle, the Deputy impeller with the liquid will rotate, rotation of the liquid will produce an outward centrifugal force, the centrifugal force on the one hand the flow of mechanical seals to withstand the liquid, reducing the mechanical seal pressure. On the other hand, the solid particles in the medium are prevented from entering the friction pair of the mechanical seal, and the wear of the mechanical seal grinding block is reduced, and the service life of the machine is prolonged.

Vice impeller play a role in addition to sealing, but also can reduce the axial force in the submersible sewage pump is mainly in the axial force acting on the impeller on the liquid pressure force and the rotating part of the gravity of the composition, the direction of the two force is the same, efforts are made by the two forces add a. It can be seen that in the case of the same performance parameters, submersible sewage pump axial force than the general horizontal pump to large, and the difficulty of the balance than the vertical pump. So in the submersible sewage pump, the bearings are easy to damage the reason is also a great relationship with the axial force.

And if the installation of the Deputy impeller, the liquid in the impeller pressure on the direction of pressure difference is the two force in the opposite direction, so that it can offset part of the axial force, also played a role in extending the life of the bearing. But with vice impeller seal system also has a drawback, that is to be Deputy impeller part of the energy consumption, generally around 3%, but as long as the design is reasonable, can be reduced to a minimum of this part of the loss.

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