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Process and standardization of mechanical parts

Date:Nov 8,2016

Process of mechanical parts

Design of mechanical parts, which should not only meet the requirements of the use, namely the required work ability, but also should meet the production requirements, otherwise it may make it, or are able to manufacture but the cost of materials costs is not economic.

In the specific production conditions, such as the design of the mechanical parts to facilitate the processing and processing costs are very low, then this part is known as a good process. The basic requirement of the process is:

1. Blank selection of reasonable mechanical manufacturing blank preparation methods are: direct use of profiles, casting, forging, stamping and welding, etc.. The selection of blank is related to the specific technical conditions of production, and generally depends on the production lot size, material properties and processing possibilities.

2. The shape structure is simple and reasonable in structure design of parts, the most simple with good surface (such as planar, cylindrical, helical) and their combination, but also should try to make the minimum number of processing surface and processing area of the smallest.

3. It is stipulated that the proper manufacturing precision and the machining cost of the surface roughness are increased with the increase of the accuracy, especially in the case of higher precision. Therefore, in the absence of adequate basis, should not pursue high accuracy. In the same way, the surface roughness of the part shall be made according to the actual needs of the mating surface.

To design a good part of the process, the designer must be combined with the process and technical staff and be good at learning from them. In addition, in the course of metal technology and manuals are also provided some of the basic knowledge of the process, can be used for reference.


Standardization is the process of all activities in which the standards and the implementation of the standards are the main contents. The standardization of the research field is very broad, in terms of industrial product standardization, it refers to the product variety, specification, quality, inspection or safety, health requirements and other standards and implement.

Product standardization itself includes three aspects of meaning:

Product variety specification series - will be the same type of product's main parameters, type, size, basic structure, and so on in order to make a series of products, to meet the needs of users of a wide range of products to meet the needs of users;

Parts of the general - the same type or different types of products in the use of the structure of similar components (such as bolts, bearings, coupling and reducer, etc.), after the realization of universal interchange;

Product quality standard, product quality is the lifeline of all enterprises, to ensure the qualified and stable product quality must do the design, processing, assembly inspection, standardization and packaging storage and transportation etc.. In this way, in order to be in an invincible position in the fierce market competition.

Is of great significance to standardization of products in manufacturing can implement professional production of the Universiade, which can improve the quality of products and reduce the cost; in the design can reduce the design workload; in the management of maintenance, can reduce the inventory and easy replacement of damaged parts.

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