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Category composition of auto parts

Date:Oct 30,2016

Launching system:

Engine assembly, filter, cylinder and parts, oil seals, oil pump, economizer, valve tappet, tubing, rod assembly, camshaft, crankshaft and connecting rod bearing, valves and components, fuel tank, a piston, flywheel ring gear, tensioner pulley, belt, turbocharger, carburetor, three waycatalytic fuel injection device, starter and accessories, other launch system of automotive engine accessories.

Walking system

The front axle, rear axle, suspension system, suspension system, axle axle, balance block, buffer, wheel, frame assembly, automobile tires, agricultural tires, OTR tires and other auto parts such as walking system.

Body and accessories

Car shell, door, car glass, car mirror, license plate frame, car seats and accessories, bearings, handrails, handles, handle, grille, fender, cab and accessories, automobile airbag, safety belt, automobile glass lifter, antenna, wiper, car muffler, car horn, car seal bumper, luggage, luggage rack, extrusion parts, stamping parts, exhaust pipe, body accessories and other auto parts.

steering system

The transverse rod assembly, tie rod, ball head, center rod, active steering arm, idler arm, steering boot, steering gear assembly, steering damper, power steering pump, steering gear gasket repair kits, power steering rod, an adjusting bolt, idler arm bushing, power steering hose, steering, steering wheel, steering system and other auto parts.

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