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How to buy auto parts

Date:Oct 30,2016

What is the good method to choose and purchase of auto parts? How to choose the most appropriate cost-effective auto parts, here to give you recommend the following tips to help you choose the best auto parts: loss. Should be returned.

1. Look at the packaging factory parts packaging generally standardized, unified standard, clear and regular printing, packaging and printing fake products are relatively poor, often can easily find flaws from the packaging;

2. Look at the color of some original parts in some specified surface color, other colors, is fake and inferior fittings;

3. See the appearance of the original accessories printing and marking a clear appearance or type of formal, and the appearance of rough counterfeit products;

4. See the paint unscrupulous traders will be used to simple processing parts, such as demolition, installation, fight, gather together, paint and other processing, and then posing as qualified to sell, the illegal acquisition of high profits;

5. Look at the raw material of the raw material is designed according to the design requirements of the use of qualified materials, fake products is the use of cheap and inferior materials substitute;

6. Look at the process of inferior product appearance sometimes although good, but because of the poor technology, easy to crack, sand hole, slag, burrs or scratches;

7. See "storage" auto parts if chapped, oxidation, discoloration or mirror aging issues, may be in store in poor environment, long storage time, the material itself causes poor;

8. See "bonding" if the clutch rivets loose, brake tube, electric parts, welding joint degumming paper filter joint release etc. phenomenon, it can not be used;

9. See the sign superscript parts some regular some mark, such as gear mark, piston top marker assembly mark, to ensure the correct installation of the parts, not can not buy;

10. See the gaps in the formal assembly part must be fully intact, in order to ensure the smooth and normal operation on vehicle. Some small parts on the assembly of individual load leakage is generally ", these smuggled goods difficult to loading. Often due to individual small parts shortage, resulting in the entire assembly parts scrapped;

11. See the protective layer in order to facilitate the storage, to prevent parts bump, parts factory before have a protective layer. For example, the size of bush bearing, piston, valve generally used wax protection, so as not to damage its surface, these important parts, the surface without a protective layer for smuggled goods "";

12. Look at the documents of some important parts, especially the assembly, such as carburetor, distributor, generator, factory general specification, with the certificate, the installation, operation and maintenance instruction for users, if not the fake and shoddy products;

13. When looking at the specifications to buy auto parts, to identify the main technical parameters, special technology to meet the requirements of the use. With the appearance of some genuine fake and shoddy products but not much difference between, back is not appropriate, either big or small, it is not always satisfactory, and leave the hidden danger of accident.

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