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Difference between impeller and turbine

Date:Oct 13,2016

The turbine is a self absorbed through the form of mechanical kinetic energy its fluid with rotating parts

The impeller is generally composed of a wheel, a wheel cover, and a blade, and so on. Under the action of the impeller blades, the rotating speed of the impeller rotates, the gas is influenced by the centrifugal force of the rotating, and the pressure in the impeller is improved through the pressure of the impeller.

Impeller is usually in the normal temperature and atmospheric environment, the state is a high speed. The turbine usually in high temperature (possibly at 700 DEG -1700 DEG) and high pressure environment, and it if the impeller is installed on the same axle, the state is also high speed (tens of thousands per minute to 200 thousand rpm or more), the environment was much worse than the impeller.

Impeller is a general term, the turbine, axial impeller, centrifugal (radial) impeller, impeller and so on compression impeller impeller is a branch of the impeller, the turbine is also divided into axial and radial. Since it is a small electric booster, it is not involved in the turbine, the main compression impeller, in order to reduce the cost, it should be the use of centrifugal impeller.

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