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Introduction of medical devices

Date:Sep 2,2016

A medical device is an instrument, a device, a device, a material, or any other item that is used alone or in combination in a human body, including the software required. For the role of the human body are not obtained by means of pharmacology, immunology or metabolism, but may have the means to participate and play a supporting role; its use is to achieve the following goal:

1. Prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and mitigation of disease

2. Diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, mitigation and compensation of injury or disability

3. Research, replacement, and regulation of anatomy or physiological processes; (four) pregnancy control.

Equipment introduction

Family health care equipment: pain massage equipment, home health care equipment, self testing blood pressure monitor, electronic thermometer, multi-functional therapeutic instrument, blood glucose meter, diabetes treatment, visual acuity improved equipment, sleep improvement equipment, oral health supplies, family emergency treatment products;

Family health care massage products: electric massage chair / bed; massage; massage; massage; massage; massage belt; blood circulation machine; foot bath; foot massager; hand-held massager, massage bathtub, rejection fat belt; therapeutic instrument; foot physiotherapy instrument; waistband; car seat cushion; kneading massage chair;; breast; beauty massager;

Family medical rehabilitation equipment: domestic cervical and lumbar vertebra traction, traction chair, physiotherapy instrument, sleep instrument, massage device, function chair, bed supporting device, medical inflatable cushion; oxygen machine, decocting device and hearing aid

Family nursing equipment: family rehabilitation nursing AIDS, women during pregnancy and infant care products, household gas feed equipment; oxygen bottles, oxygen bag, family emergency medicine, blood pressure, blood glucose meter, nursing bed

The hospital used medical devices: trauma, surgery, surgical bed disposal vehicle lamp, monitor, anesthesia machine, ventilator, blood cell analyzer, differentiation analyzer, microplate reader, washer, urine analyzer, ultrasound (ultrasound, ultrasound, X-ray, NMR) etc..

New medical device

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