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Use and production process of non-standard valves

Date:Sep 2,2016

Non-standard valve is a valve with no clear performance standards, its performance parameters and dimensions are in accordance with the process requirements and special custom, in which does not affect the performance and safety of the free design and change the size and parameters etc.. However, the process of mechanical processing or follow the relevant provisions of the national standard.


Non-standard valve is a big concept, each valve can produce a type of non-standard, its use are generally used in the design of pipeline update or improved, such as oil, coal, electricity and mineral industry wide sergeant. Such products can make up for the defects in the design and make the cost reduction and engineering more flexible. The use of standard American Standard etc. according to the standard production of similar products is relatively less and less, because the product itself is difficult to solve the problem in the case of. But its use has played a crucial role in every big industry,

Brief introduction of production process

Non-standard valve design should consider the rationality and feasibility of starting from the whole design, in addition to relying on the traditional theory still needs more innovation, so generally in the industry elite to do similar work, after the design is completed by the engineer to produce drawings in by the engineering department to complete the mold design and manufacture of preliminary work, this period of time generally 40-50 days, making crucial mold, determine the basic size of non-standard, so the production process is very cautious. Mold is completely done after the casting process, the fine processing will be cast out of the hair, so the production cycle is longer than ordinary products for a few weeks or so.

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