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Five kinds of refractory materials used in Lost Foam Casting

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Five kinds of refractory materials used in Lost Foam Casting

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With the development of the lost foam casting, people pay more attention to the lost foam casting. It is reported that the refractory material is the aggregate composition of the lost foam coating, a lot of variety of refractory materials, usually choose the following five:

The main components of zircon powder are ZrO2 and SiO2, namely, the zirconium silicate. Its high degree of fire resistance, is now used for lost foam casting the best one of the anti sand. Cast steel castings and large cast iron parts, the use of such refractory materials, can reduce the workload of the cleaning of the casting, to obtain a smooth surface of the castings.

The main component of quartz powder is SiO2. Because the quartz powder has different crystal form transformation under different temperature conditions, the volume change of the quartz powder is changed, thereby reducing the use value of the quartz powder. Generally used to cast columns of cast iron and aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal parts. The EPC is mainly used in small, so the common application of quartz powder.

Alumina is corundum powder, the main component is Al2O3. It is also a kind of excellent performance of refractory materials, can be used to cast steel castings and large cast iron parts.

Graphite powder is one of the refractory materials used in the production of cast iron. It has a high degree of fire resistance, but it is easy to be oxidized. Its thermal expansion coefficient is very low, generally within 50 x 10-7.

Kyanite refractoriness at 1800 degrees, and kyanite in high temperature 1100-1450 degree gradually transformed into mullite, mullite 1800 is still stable, 1810 degrees is decomposed into corundum. Kyanite has relatively low price, is the ideal substitute for mineral corundum materials.

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