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How to prevent wear of impeller

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How to prevent wear of impeller

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Fan impeller wear and abrasive composition, particle size, concentration, shape, impact velocity, impact angle, gas chemical composition, properties, temperature and humidity and other factors. And the flow of gas inside the impeller is not uniform and accelerates the wear and tear. As to prevent the impeller wear measures: one is to reduce dust and corrosive gas into the fan, this must be the transformation of the fan operation system; two is to make local wear uniform wear, it needs to improve the wear resistance of the impeller. High hardness and good wear resistance can be used to improve the wear resistance of the impeller. This will not only bring difficulties to the impeller manufacturing process, but also from an economic point of view is not reasonable. Therefore, it is an economical and reasonable solution to improve the surface quality of the fan impeller, to weld or spray welding (spray) wear layer and to add a layer of lining board to the blade.

Coating anti abrasion coating

The main anti - wear coatings are resin anticorrosive and wear-resistant coating, rubber anticorrosive and wear-resistant coating, silica, water glass and ceramic anticorrosive and wear-resistant materials, etc..

In order to make the 890 wear resistant compound can be used on the impeller of the fan, we have carried out some experiments with the company of Chesterton. 890 wear resistant compound is a ceramic composite metal surface from abrasion for repair and protection, and combined with the wear resistance and the parent material force of this kind of compounds are good. But the 890 wear compound coating thickness must reach 6mm or more thick, this is not appropriate, the rotor some narrow channel or start more stringent requirements as a layer of wear-resistant liner to solve the fan impeller wear also exist such problems in leaves.

Surfacing of blade surface

Surfacing is the selection of a certain welding rod (or welding wire), manual arc (or automatic welding) welding in the blade easy to wear parts, to improve the quality of the blade surface, to protect the blade and improve the blade life. The blade surfacing electrode in general use D217, D237, D317B, D707 and D717, D217 and D237 belong to the Ma steel welding metal abrasion resistance, there is certain, but the welding crack tendency greatly. D317B surfacing material is composed of a large number of tungsten carbide (WC) is a kind of hardfacing alloy particle distribution formed on the metal substrate, the melting point of WC and the hardness is very high, so the weld metal hardness is very high hardness and impact resistance, HRC = 60, smaller crack tendency of surfacing metal. As for the D237 and D317B welding rod of our company in Ma'anshan Steel Corp sintering fan impeller has been carried out on the comparison test, the test results show that the D317B welding rod welding resistance to wear and impact resistance is better than D237. D217, D237 and D317B electrode has been successfully used in our company's sintering fan impeller, the use of the various steel companies are also good.

Surface spray welding (spray)

Spray welding process is a process that uses heat source to spray and melt on the surface of the work piece to form a dense spray welding layer. Wear resistance of the spray welding powder basically all is the use of Ni-Cr-B-Si series of nickel base spray welding powder. The spray welding layer basic organization is a solid solution of Ni-Cr-Fe, at the same time, there are a lot of boron compounds and tungsten carbide, the uniform distribution of WC particles in Ni based spray layer, these particles are uniform and discontinuous, but can form a hardness of HRC70 skeleton. Ni base material is filled in the skeleton, in the wear debris, can withstand high abrasive wear. Spray welding surface hardness is HRC55 ~ 70, the basic component is Ni60%+WC35%. My company in the two phase of the project in the application of the technology, and then in the Panzhihua Steel Corp, Steel Corp, Anshan, Ma'anshan Steel Corp, Steel Corp and other Steel Corp in the application, the use of good results. In 2001, also in the Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation IDF rotor spray welding and partial spraying WC powder, the effect is good. Some nickel based powder and nickel based cemented carbide have been developed in Harbin Welding Research Institute.

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